Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buff Monster x TLS – Ice Cream Inflatable

Buff Monster loves pink, speed metal and ice cream.  The sweet frozen stuff was front and center with a large 15-foot inflatable double-scoop ice cream cone (with signature cherry on-top) sculpture for his recent September solo @ Corey Helford and the ‘Art From the New World’.  Now you can recreate that installation magic in your own pad (on a slightly smaller scale) with the new Buff Monster Ice Cream Inflatable coming your way from us The Loyal Subjects.  Standing an impressive 52” high (4ft +), the piece features three inflatable bladders and an additional bottom bladder which can be filled with water or sand for a stable base. 

Limited to 250 pieces, the Buff Monster Inflatable will be available for pre-order directly from The Loyal Subjects’ web shop for $69.99 on Wednesday, October 20th @ Noon PDT.