Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Back to basics.  In everything.  There's an idea that pairing down all visceral human experiences to a positive inertia develops intellectual and spiritual growth.  A sort of deconstructionist theory - where every idea, notion and action is broken down into the purity of the "moment", and either enjoyed, consumed or displayed for the betterment of that moment.  In hopes of building steps to a better and enlightened future - (all the while) conceding to rules of conscious conservation.  There seems to be hints of action towards these moments and certainly men and women giving examples, leading the way.  Understanding and exploring the "human condition" as it relates to our ideas, our place in the universe and our future existence and this plays out indefinitely through art, food, culture, and so on.

The Loyal Subjects recently had the opportunity to work with a conscious and forward thinking company - a restaurant group named Tender Greens.  Tender Greens restaurants in Cliff's Notes: Tender Greens provides a full sensory experience - taste, feel, smell, hear, see.   Most importantly, Tender Greens provides a quality dining experience - delivering  fine dining eats in a relatable, social environment.  Relatable in price as well.  What uptight establishments deliver in the $20 and $30 range, Tender Greens is delivering in the $10-$12 range.  

Conscious, moving away from "widget" like distributors and suppliers, Tender Greens core philosophy surrounds the "Farm to Fork" ideal - fresh goods pulled from the ground in the morning and arrive on your plate that afternoon.

They are a great company with an excellent product.  TLS was contacted by Tender Greens (Heidi Wahl - Marketing and Events planner) to possibly collaborate; "installing art that reaches and speaks to their core and casual customer".  We, knowing and working with all sorts of brilliant artists, knew exactly who to go to for this job.  We contacted Jeremy from Jeremyville - Jeremyville has a rich narrative with clever associations and a "glass-half-full" motif.  He's perfect for the job.  And he was!  Jeremyville knocked it out of the park.  Here are a few pics from my iPhone of some of the brilliant art that is hanging on the walls at Tender Greens.  We were happy to work hand-in-hand with some great people and it looks like we had some great results.  Please visit them on Second Ave. in Santa Monica (next to the Promenade), as well as their many other locations.  *Sorry for the blurry pics.  I will definitely swap them out for some better ones at a later date*.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


The phrase "Art Toy" is interesting.  I remembered when it was coined.  It was Jim Crawford, Co-Founder of StrangeCo who first brought the term to life.  He did it because he was having a difficult time generalizing what we do.  It's art but it isn't so exclusive or inclusive.  It's a toy but it isn't really played with (to an extent) and it's less broad in notion.  So, he came up with a term that could describe what we do in pure dumb simplicity that is dually genius.  Art Toy.  And there it was.  It was a perfect term describing StrangeCo's product line since much or all of it derived from 2D art - be it paintings, fine art or pop art in much the "indie" realm - relatively what is considered "non-licensed" to those accustomed to stocking shelves with large evergreen brands like Star Wars, etc.  We all adopted that term - believing, what we do is a combination of art, design and product.  Specifically, product derived from art springing from similar wells - painters, fine artists, pop artists, etc. - both, in a scholastic, meaningful sense and a playful, less emphatic and didactic sense.  Cut to the chase.  Gary Baseman's Buckingham Warrior is a perfect example of 'Art Toy' in scope. The project is a non deliberate gesture in familiarity - picking up with The Loyal Subjects where the brilliant Critterbox left off.  If you don't remember Critterbox, you should.  They were brilliant in their approach.  The pieces were big, beautiful and had depth.  The Buckingham Warrior certainly has these inherent traits.

The Buckingham Warrior in Cliff's Notes:
The Buckingham Warrior is a deer named Buckingham.  An unusual deer.  He has three legs.   This three legged deer lives in the Wolyner Forest.  He is a living organism in symbiosis with the greater and vastly expansive mother to all...Nature.  Life is ideal.  Until the idyllic inertia was disrupted by a malevolent and greedy man.  This man (the Land Baron) saw the forest as a rich resource ripe for exploitation.  He and his henchmen marched into this otherwise peaceful domain and without conscious or compassion, started to destroy the forest.  Buckingham refused to submit to this painful reality.  He stood his ground and fought back.  In his struggle, Buckingham was decapitated by the evildoers.  In an act of other-wordly defiance, the deer grew several heads back, replacing the decapitated head.  Buckingham was unmovable in his righteous stand. 

The story itself is anecdotal, a fable in feel but the sentiment is rich in metaphor.  The story was inspired by Gary's own father who was a Holocaust Survivor.  The Buckingham Warrior embodies the spirit emboldened by strong value sets; Freedom, Respect, Dignity, Fairness, Bravery - and to a larger scope, including the delicacy of our own ecology.   Buckingham is a hero for the ages.

The first edition is Buckingham as the the deer living peacefully in the Wolyner Forest.  The figure boasts several points of articulation, accessories and the rich color palette that is signature to Gary Baseman.  The figure is packaged in a closed 4C box with a satin finish.  A gorgeous piece. 

The Buckingham Warrior will be available Wed, Feb 22nd 2012 at NOON PST on www.theloyalsubjects.com and select retailers for $115.00USD.  Edition - 400.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Valentine's Day - a day to show those who you intimately care for, just how much you care.  So goes the tradition.  I haven't read up on the entire history.  My assumption is Valentine's Day is a positive emotion.  Not just another gift giving day, but a day where the gifts that you give carry weight.  Gifts that are true expressions - thoughtful, fun, emotionally connecting, romantic and so on. 

I have a few gifts up my sleeve.  I'm also making available a few gifts for those budget conscious, star crossed lovers.  Serious, our Valentine's Day Love Fest in dollar amounts is less than a dozen roses and more than a helium balloon.  Both gifts include stories and DNA that all sprang from True Love.  Magnus and Friday - A true love story.  I know, I was there when it happened.  To make things even more bizarre, the real Magnus and Friday love story happened in Rome.  After Joe created the story (on a walk around the Circo Massimo - the track Ben Hur made famous), we walked into a Basilica and low and behold, this exact Basilica had St. Valentine's skull (relic).  Unbelievable.  I'm not making this up.  It's as true as the day is long.  So, Magnus and Friday are truly dipped in St. Valentine's tender magic - literally! 

Alex Pardee's Walrus Rider is a true love story too.  It's about a stud of a young man who had the best legs in town.  The girls fell ga ga over this lad's lengthy stems.  One night, while this young man was sleeping, some beast came in and stole his legs.  Can you imagine the nerve of some people?  Well, the little dude was pissed.  He lassoed a Walrus and went looking for vengeance.  All because of love.  Love for his legs and the attention he received from the Betties.  

So, this Valentine's Day - ask yourself - are you a stud?  Are you the perfect girlfriend?  You should answer, YES!  I am!  And by committing to this affirmation, it only makes sense for you to get on over to TheLoyalSubjects.com and pick yourself up a $50.00 Walrus Rider which includes a 8" x 10" signed print from Mr. Pardee himself and either version of the Magnus and Friday sets for $40.00 each!  Serious, does it get any better? 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Interaction is what it's all about, right?  Well, I want YOU to interact with us!  So here's the pitch:  All of you crazy photographer/shutterbugs out there - I want you to use your artful eye.  By doing so, as long as you follow the easy steps which I'm about to explain, one of you will receive a generous prize from TLS.  What is the prize?  Why, it's Joe Ledbetter's Pico and Wilshire and Buff Monster's Destroyer!  A prize worth $245.00!

What do you need to do?  Easy!  Walk into the Kid Robot LA store and take a picture (or pictures) of the Kid Dragon - it's 5' tall, long, crazy looking - can't miss it!

  1. Go to a computer
  2. Like The Loyal Subjects on Facebook - www.facebook.com/TheLoyalSubjectsCo
  3. Post your artful pictures on our Wall
  4. We will randomly select a winner for the Grand Prize
  5. Be Stoked!
How easy is this?  As easy as burning toast!


Here's to a posthumous post.  It's not as though I intended to post news past it's newsworthy, "in the moment" date.  I suppose any TLS news is relevant to me - even after the fact.  However, one not to give excuses (I learned well from my parents), I'll have to make an exception.  What's the excuse?  Jet Lag!  While we were in Manila, I was trying to keep everyone up via Facebook and Twitter and never had the time to sit down and blog.  Mainly, because we were running around like crazy people and every chance Big Boy and his crew got, they were shuffling us off to eat and shop.  I must have gained 5lbs.  Serious.  I gained five pounds.  This weekend is for the gym, and of course, the Super Bowl.  Ironic.  Whatever I do at the gym tomorrow and Saturday will be reversed come Super Bowl.  Ok, enough side tracking.

Here's a play by play on the event.  As most of you know, it took place on January 22nd at Secret Fresh in Manila, PI.   What is Secret Fresh?  Secret Fresh is, well...it's Fresh!  Fresh - like in a "B Boy" way.  It's a killer spot, ran by great people.  It's a store that is part of a larger complex called the RONAC ART CENTER.  Cool stores, restaurants and a full  Pro Regulation basketball court.  After pounding myself with unhealthy food, I would sneak off and shoot a few hoops.  Big Boy caught up with me and while I was shooting - he bet me $1MM, payable to me, if I made a half court shot.  I made it on the first try.  No kidding.  Still waiting for the check.  Tic Toc Tic Toc.  Hmm.  This was my David Choe Facebook stock moment but only $199MM less.  Trying not to lose sleep over it.  =)

So, back to Joe and the Burger Bunny release.  Wow!  Amazing event!  Great turnout, great eats, great people!  The Bunny sold out before the event and Joe spent a generous amount of time signing, sketching, chatting it up - basically, being an all around awesome dude and the Secret Fresh attendees were definitely happy to see him.  

What's next?  Kid Robot color way Bunny (so I've been told) and maybe a Frozen one...

You'll have to stay tuned!  If you have seen, felt or obtained the Burger Bunny - it's insane!  Really.  A wonderful piece of art that will blow your socks off!  I think there are a few socks that have been blown off already.