Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Joe Ledbetter has a brilliant imagination.  Most notable when it comes to his mutations on one of his most beloved character - Mister Bunny (Bunny, Mutant Bunny, Colossus Bunny) - it goes by many names, nonetheless, each mutation is as delicious as the previous.  

Delicious?  Literally.  Burger Bunny.  Need I say more?  Two all "something" patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, tomato on a sesame seed bun?  Which can hop?  Mind blowing.  You'll have to catch him if you want to eat him.

This delicious and seemingly happy beast stands 10" tall, is made of wood and is an edition of 50.  In case you are uncomfortable eating that patty next to the cheese, feel free to rearrange the order - because, you CAN!  How cool is that!?  Perfect for any OCD burger enthusiast. 

The Burger Bunny will come packaged in a wood box and is only available through SECRET FRESH/FRESH MANILAThe Loyal Subjects and Joe Ledbetter will be on site to launch the Burger Bunny in Manila this coming Jan 22nd, 2012.  Stay tuned!  Any interest in buying one?  Contact Secret Fresh.  Word has it, they are only releasing 25 pieces for non Domestic sales (meaning, anything outside of the Philippines).  Happy hunting/'s Burger Wabbit season...

Ronac Art Center from Ronac Art Center on Vimeo.


Original Illustration LOVE BITE - Charcoal and Pencil on Paper.  137cm x 96cm, 2002

Mark Parker - CEO NIKE
- "Laurie Lipton's incredible drawings are mesmerizing blends of scale & detail, horror & humor, fantasy & reality.  Laurie uses her passion for the pencil, immense skills & tremendous imagination to bring her very personal visions to life in deeply compelling & richly detailed compositions."

I met Laurie Lipton through a mutual friend (thank you Sean Sorensen).  I was familiar with her meticulous and masterful pencil drawings.  Mind blowing.  You can calculate all adjectives when describing Laurie's renderings; patient, confident, deliberate, soft, hard, fluid, coarse, intense, illuminate, disciplined, unwavering, free, hysterical, horrifying, honest, enlightened, transformed, comedic, absurd and existential.  Her work has been shown all over the world and frequently finds its way to the homes of several prestigious collectors - like the one who was kind enough to lend a quote on Ms. Lipton.

I thought it would be a great idea to work with Laurie - work on something more achievable, more attainable to a wider range collector, however, still maintaining its collectability and hopeful appreciation.  The original Love Bite sold for tens of thousands of dollars - I wanted to present an option that was under $300 but had the same feel as an appreciating art multiple.  Thus, the Love Bite print.  The print is 24" x 34" (BIG).  The giclee is printed on archival rag paper, each hand signed and numbered by Laurie Lipton.  Only 213 are in existence. 

About the print:  The image might be jarring but its intent is brilliant.  Playing on the age old Grimm's-esque Tale - "You're so cute, I could just eat you!"  I'm sure that every child had an aunt that said that.  This is a fantastical literalism, although laced with humor and intense observation (look at the nails on 'ole granny)!  Everything is very deliberate, and in the throws of preemptive drama, creating unique narratives to whomever is viewing the piece.  The juxtaposition is the satire.  

Available for $199 HERE.  It's worth it. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Kid Robot will have the Gray Edition of the 5' tall Sam Flores fiberglass art multiple.  Who more fitting than Kid Robot?  The barometer for all emporiums supporting collectible pop and fine art!  The 5' tall large format Kid Dragon is beautiful;  It's lucid, elegant, haunting, sophisticated, surreal - it's a great piece of sculptural art - enhancing any physical space. 

If only everyone could have one, the world would be a much more dream like, peaceful place.  Alas, there are only six and I'm sure each one will find a safe home. 

Each multiple will come with a Certificate of Authenticity created by Sam Flores.  I feel like such a proud papa.  Really, I do.  This piece is to die for gorgeous.  A perfect compliment to any art collection.  Contact Kid Robot for more info.


To all the loyal Joe Ledbetter fans in this brilliant, fantastical world - Joe brings you yet another Lava Edition!  This one coming from Joe via Analog Playset.  Analog Playset is Tony Thaxton's project, drummer of Motion City Soundtrack.  Joe happens to be fans of the band and the band, fans of Joe.  Just so happens that Joe Ledbetter had created the key art for MCS' last studio album, 'My Dinosaur Life'.  The art centers around the Wrecks and Dazey characters - a loveable Tyrannosaurus Rex and his pollinating bee pal, Dazey.  Fitting and apropos Darwin statement, even if unintentional - out with the dinosaurs and in with new - i.e. the bee and it's pension for pollinating and redistributing opportunities for life.  Poignant.  See, there's a lot going on behind the doors of these artist's minds.  Just have to take a peek.

Wrecks and Dazey Lava Edition is an Edition of 99 and is available for $110.00.  A 6" set?  A "friggin" steal my delicious friends!  Now, there are only six pieces left.  So, HAPPY HUNTING!  Buy them HERE!

Friday, December 23, 2011


I have two different brains (figuratively speaking).  Those who know me well, know that I definitely am a student of the world.  My interests turn into experimentation, eventually turning into love, passion and a trust for the process.  I have a range of interests in somewhat of a hobbyist's exploration, looking to refine; literature, politics, art, music, history, and the natural - living - universe that surrounds me.  You get the point.  This blog isn't set up to be an essayist's etymological porn chest, but every now and then it's fun to explore past the expectations and invisible boundaries that press up on the hallowed walls of The Loyal Subjects (which is certainly an extension of myself and certainly dons generalities of my personality).  

There's a lot to be said in regards to certain decompositions that have been evolving for the last 40 years.  Eventually, the weight becomes too much to bare and that proverbial house of cards will start collapsing.  As we are seeing today with certain inequities, Corporate bullying, the credit and housing markets surrendering to breaking points, etc. 

As more and more people are disenfranchised with certain systems and "promises" failing to meet expectations, it is almost certain that some people will voice their concerns.  Eventually pushing back.  It's what we do.  This is what we are seeing from the OCCUPY Movement.  We all have our opinions on what this OCCUPY concept means and how it's being executed - I certainly have mine.  In the positive action there are also components of negative action and reaction pouring from boiled over frustrations.  OCCUPY LOVE is an action and  reaction.  The idea - LOVE is the foundation for everything in our human multiverse - it's the foundation and structure for; intelligence, education, compassion, dignity, respect, selflessness, generosity, symbiosis, understanding, growth and enlightenment.  If it's so, that we all need to be reminded how we can all benefit and grow, possibly redefining what it means to show compassion - perhaps the OCCUPY LOVE shirt is just a very small reminder and subsequent flicker of luminosity - an undeniable message.  15 additional values fortify the spine of the shirt.  The idea is to absorb the strength in these values.  A portion of our proceeds (around 33.33% adjusted Gross) will go to the Children's Literacy Intitiative - an amazing foundation that builds and enriches young lives.  Please participate with us.  We sold 600 shirts in just a few days.  We want to see this permeate all willing minds.  Available in Men's and Women's in both Black and White for a mere $25.00.  If you wish to purchase one, go HERE.  Thank you.

FriendsWithYou - MR. TTT BOP BAG!

I always had a fascination with those old school bags - you know the ones - those stand up punching bags we had when we were kids?  They essentially were big inflatable Weebles (bc Weebles never Wobble...or something like that).  I think I had a Mickey Mouse one.  I would channel my sugar high and I would start getting medieval on that sucker!  Here I am, 30 some odd years later, still thinking about that sugar high and still down for those bop bags.  So, I made one!  With FriendsWithYou!  A perfect fit, right?  Super happy, experiential and sculptural art with plumes of happy go lucky feelings oozing out of it's rainbow spectrum.  Seemed to be a good fit for me.  FriendsWithYou already had established themselves as the premiere inflatable artists.  If you were at South Beach for Art Basel in the last four years, you may have seen a giant, happy floating creature - that would be FriendsWithYou.  

The Mr. TTT Bop Bag stands 50" tall, has a sand weighted base and he/her/it can take a good walloping!  Only 250 made and retailing for $90.00.  I think we only have four left so sorry about this SUPER LATE BLOG POST.  Boy, I kind of suck.  Maybe you can grab one of the four that is left.
Buy it HERE!


Ever wonder what it would be like to be chased in a creepy, secluded forest by a giant monster with multiple eyes, oozing pink goo out of it's pores, ready to spear you with a spiky and dangerous set of antlers?  Well, have you!  If you have, you need help.  And we have the right help for you!  Introducing the EYES Edition DESTROYER by Buff Monster!  It's hard to believe this guy is so evil since he's kind of cute.  But don't let his/her/its big ole' round baby head fool you!  He's got eyes on the back of his head...literally!  Check out those incisors too!  Creepy, vampire style.  This dude will; crush you, spear you, bite you and beat you in a staring contest any day!  How cool is that?!

This bad boy is only $110.00 and he is big!!  Almost 14" to the top of his antlers.  A Monster!  Only 250 of them made.  The perfect amount to find their way into 250 of your homes, waiting for that right time to come off that shelf and give you a proper and decent staring match!  Be gone and travel safely friends, for danger lurks and it has several retinas!

Buy him HERE!


If you're queued into Gary Baseman and his Anthropomorphic Pantheistic imagination then I'm sure you are well aware of his favorite character, Toby.  Toby is a cat.  A cat that experiences life through all mystic dimensions, including the ones here, on earth.  That is probably where you have seen Toby - or you may have seen him documented through his detailed travels, ala the Toby postcards, as seen on Gary Baseman's Facebook page.  Toby has been to South America, Russia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East - serious, it's hard to keep up with this cat.  His Passport looks like a coupon book from an episode of Hoarders.  

Since Toby is so famous and so well recognized, it seemed only fitting to make a Toby 36" inflatable.  It's fitting in every way.  It's a bit retro, it's art, it's sculptural, it's perfect in a physical space, it's fun, and it's...TOBY!!  So, if you don't mind spending $80.00 for a piece of this most famous cat, then I say by all means, take this bad boy home!  

In case you haven't noticed - anything Toby from Gary's past creations are sprouting up on EBAY, demanding some serious steep fortunes.  I've seen one for $2k.  $80.00 is a drop in the bucket for this loveable icon.  You can buy one HERE!


I feel like it's an understatement when I express that I'm "just" proud of these large format art pieces.  I'm beyond proud.  The Large Format Kid Dragons are by far, the most beautiful and intricate pieces I have made to date.  Obvious, without the lucid and brilliant designs and paintings by Sam Flores, none of this would be possible.  I hate overloading the adjective scale with hyperbole and subjective syntax - it's kind of like telling all of your friends that 'Your Kid' is the prettiest, smartest and most talented - but hey, I mean, I'm not that far off!  I might add future Class President and perpetual mover and shaker!  All metaphors aside, this is truly a brilliant art piece - Koonsian in space - a real art sculpture that will fill a room, fill imaginations and be a much sought after art multiple for years to come.  These 5' tall sectional sculptures are $6,000.00 each.  They come with a Certificate of Authenticity penned and derived from Sam Flores' own hand.  Limited to 10 pieces, the Orange Kid Dragon Large Format Fiberglass will be available right after the New Year!  Go 2012!  Email if interested.  Only a couple are available from the 10.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

WOW! Sorry, that was a 6 Mos Vacation!

It's not that I had intended to stay off the blog for six months, it's just how life works sometimes.  We haven't been away.  In fact, we've been working tirelessly - New production schedules, new releases, some releases that you all are familiar with by now and MOVING!  We moved into the old Beastie Boys/Grand Royal Records building.  Our office mates include Han Cholo, Mad Decent and Diplo and Royal Interactive Productions.  The vibe in the building is amazing!  There's even original Bode art up on the walls.  We're now in Atwater Village (bye, bye Melrose).

OK, Explanations out of the way - now it's time for some blog posts!  Also, Pics of the office to come.  It's killer!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Analog Playset x Joe Ledbetter - Wrecks & Dazey Fossil Edition

The very cool Wrecks and Dazey Fossil Edition from Joe Ledbetter and Analog Playset will be released on Monday, July 11th at 12pm PDT through The Loyal Subjects and Plastic Culture (Indonesia).  The Fossil Edition (300 pieces) brings a ‘mono’ look while offering a cool storyline explanation for the coloring backed up by brand-new skeletal deco/printing. Get yours before they're extinct!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Analog Playset x Joe Ledbetter - Wrecks & Dazey Fossil Edition

The Fossil Edition of Joe Ledbetter's Wrecks & Dazey will be released at Taipei Toy Festival on July 9th 2011 at 4:00PM at Plastic Culture's booth #A7. Only 24 pieces will be available, get yours before there extinct! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TLS x DJ Rocky Rock - Name That Tune Contest *UPDATED*

TLS x DJ Rocky Rock - Name That Tune Contest 90's Hip Hop Edition
Here’s how to enter:
1. Re-post the contest of your Facebook page
2. Name all five artists, albums and songs
3. Send your answers and a link to your Facebook post to:
The winner will receive a TLS prize pack valued at over $150.00, good luck!
The winner will be announced on Monday (6/13/11)
Make sure you check out DJ Rocky Rock on tour this summer with Sublime with Rome!

Congratulations to Larry Ortiz for winning the 90's Hip Hop Edition of Name That Tune!

Here are Larry's winning answers:

A Tribe Called Quest "The Love Movement" Rock Rock Y'all
Black Star "Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star" Definition
Das Efx "Dead Serious" They Want Efx
Fu-Schnickens "F.U. Don't Take It Personal" La Schmoove
Epmd "Business Never Personal" Crossover
Special Ed "Legal" The Mission 

Stay tuned for the next edition of TLS Name That Tune!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joe Ledbetter's Pico & Wilshire Ice Edition

Limited to just 87 pieces,  the Ice Edition of Joe Ledbetter’s Pico and Wilshire is the final colorway of the 2-figure vinyl set.  Pico (6” Sabretooth Cat) and Wilshire (12” Wooly Mammoth) go out in style with this frigid blue + grey edition. The Ice Edition will be released exclusively on on Friday, May 13th @ 1 PM PDT for $180. 
If you’ve never seen the figures in person, Pico and Wilshire make an excellent stare-worthy ‘Joe Ledbetter in vinyl’ showcase.  The appeal starts with the large scale format and continues with the addictive 2.5D vibe as if Joe’s art has been pulled out of stiff paper. Get yours before there extinct!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TLS x Good Charlotte

Joel & Benjie Madden (Good Charlotte) are shooting a commercial in our parking lot today, here are a few pictures shoot. 
Joel took a break from shooting to pose for a picture with Buff Monster's Destroyer! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Designer Toy Awards

We're excited and honored that The Loyal Subjects has been nominated for Manufacturer of the Year as part of the 2011 Designer Toy Awards put on by Clutter Magazine! Thank you to all of our customers, fans and the artists we could not have done it without you! Check out the Designer Toy Awards website for more info:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Show Your Support!

Our good friends at Analog Playset are selling this awesome shirt to raise money for the people effected by the earthquake in Japan. 100% of proceeds will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross. This shirt was designed by Leader from the Japanese band, Oreskaband. Please pass this along to anyone who may be interested, show your support! Guys: Girls:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects – Colossus Bunny (4’)

 Without a doubt, Mr. Bunny is Joe Ledbetter’s signature character.  It’s been 2005 since we’ve seen a production 3D version.  Now comes  BIG news – as in 4 foot big!  We worked with Joe to create Colossus Bunny – a 4’ fiberglass Mr. Bunny. Bound to be the centerpiece of any JLed collection, the new giant-sized piece will be available in four editions – classic Mr. Bunny (10 pieces), Snow Bunny (Highland Toys exclusive, 5 pieces), Gray Bunny (3D Retro exclusive, 3 pieces), and Lava Bunny (Tomenosuke exclusive, 3 pieces).  The classic yellow ‘Mr. Bunny’ edition will be available for order from Kidrobot, 3D Retro, Tomenosuke, Highland Toys and Toy Art Gallery).  Pricing on the Colossus Bunny starts at $4000.   If you’ve been looking for the ultimate Joe Ledbetter piece, look no more.  To order contact a listed retailer.  Expect delivery in about three weeks.  For more info, check out the official Colossus Bunny info page.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Charity Event Japan Tsunami Relief

Our good friends at Plastic Culture by TOC held a Charity Event recently to raise money for the victims of the Tsunami in Japan. The Loyal Subjects was honored to donate a few items for the auction, check out the pictures from the event!
 Head over to Plastic Culture's  Facebook page for a full recap!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Loyal Subjects x Name That Tune AC/DC Edition

The Loyal Subjects x Name That Tune AC/DC Edition! The first person to email us with the name and album of all five AC/DC songs will win a Alex Pardee Walrus Rider from our archive! Email all entries to: - Good Luck!
Congratulations to Adam Darvish for correctly identifying all five AC/DC songs and albums! You are the winner of an Exclusive Alex Pardee Walrus Rider from our Archives! Here are Adam's winning answers:
1. Back in Black -  Back in Black
2. For Those about to Rock (we salute you) - For Those about to Rock (we salute you)
3. Highway to Hell -Highway to Hell
4. Hell's bells - Back in Black
5. You shook Me all night long - Back in Black
Stay tuned for the next edition of The Loyal Subjects x Name That Tune

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Analog Playset x Joe Ledbetter = Wrecks and Dazey!

Analog Playset and artist Joe Ledbetter are proud to announce the release of the terrific 2-figure set "Wrecks and Dazey". These figures are being distributed by The Loyal Subjects for Analog Playset and are 3D representations of the characters "Wrecks and Dazey" as is featured on the album, "My Dinosaur Life" from recording artists, Motion City Soundtrack. Wrecks is a lovable Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Dazey is his prehistoric over-sized Bee pal! It's really so fantastic the leap from 2D to 3D that all of Joe's figures make... it's almost meant to be, and these look so cool... perfect for all Ledbetter fans out there! Wrecks sits about 7" and Dazey is about 4" tall. Both figures have multiple points of articulation, are packaged in a three sided window box, and for this release the regular edition is limited to 600 pieces worldwide with a retail price of $99.00 for the set! The best part is... SURPRISE... these are dropping tomorrow, March 24th at 12:00pm PST at The Loyal Subjects web store HERE.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Toys Help Us

As you know well, the Tohoku region in Japan was hit by the disaster of truly unprecedented scale, and was officially designated as an area affected by “Heavy Disaster”, which enables areas and people stricken by typhoon, earthquake, etc., to receive special relief funds and measures.

Our good friends at Tomenosuke-syoten contacted their affiliated artists and manufacturers who sent them thoughtful messages, they started thinking of organizing a fund-raising sales promotion to make a donation, which can somehow support the sufferers.

Once thought up, best to act now than later. They have named the campaign “TOYS HELP US: the contribution to Tohoku the stricken area of the earthquake” and asked for overseas artists and manufactures for their support. To their happy surprise, they started receiving many positive responses.

The following are the current individual and corporate participants in the campaign:
Adam Kennedy-Damiano (The Loyal Subjects), Ajee, Aya Kakeda, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Doktor A, Erick Scarecrow, Joe Ledbetter, Jonathan Cathey (The Loyal Subjects), kaNO, Kathie Olivas, Mark Landwehr, Michael Lau, Motomichi Nakamura, Patricio Oliver, Pierre Rouzier, Sket One, Steven Mylos (RAJE toys) and Yoskay Yamamoto.

All items are precious art works you usually cannot obtain, such as one-off and limited-edition toys and art prints which artists and makers prepared for this campaign free or with special discounts and many of which contain creators’ autographs.
They will deliver all profits to the afflicted areas via the Hida Takayama Volunteer Support Center.

As for the participating art works in the "TOYS HELP US," they will introduce them in this blog sequentially while planning to open a special catalog web-page for them. Please wait for our follow-ups.
They would like to ask for your kind support from the bottom of our hearts.

Inquiries regarding the "TOYS HELP US" program to:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pico & Wilshire LA Brea Edition by Joe Ledbetter

We are gearing up to release the Pico & Wilshire La Brea Edition 2-figure set by Joe Ledbetter.  With a stylish nod to history, this edition links the ongoing struggle between Pico (6”), the Sabretooth Cat, and Wilshire (12”), the Wooly Mammoth,  to the La Brea Tar Pits, the final resting place of countless prehistoric creatures.  Wilshire has more than the neon green Pico to worry about as he’s knee deep in sticky tar.  The large two-figure set (14” combined), delivers JLed’s signature aesthetic with sculpts that deliver an oh-so-tempting 2.5D look.  With the tight deco and unexpected details (articulated trunk), this one is a highlight piece for Joe Ledbetter collectors.
Limited to 99 pieces, the third Pico and Wilshire Edition drops on Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ Noon PST via for $175/set.