Friday, June 22, 2012


For real?  Are you asking yourself if you just read what you think you just read?  Well, let me tell you - you did.  That's right, TACO TIME TEES!  Basically face melting and mind blowing all at the same time.  Everyone loves tacos!  Even better, advertise that you love tacos!

Tacos are better than any snack - crackers, cookies, fruit (well, maybe not fruit) - it's the tidiest, tastiest, snack-happiest snack in the whole wide world (the planet is really wide). 

Put down your veggie wrap and snap into the Taco Time movement.  Be one with the people.  Enjoy a taco!  Only $25.00 at  Guess what's the kicker?  Shipping is free.  Find that widget once you finalize your checkout and you're in.

People!  Make it happen!


We're coming to NYC!  The whole lot of us - The Loyal Subjects, Joe Ledbetter, Burger Bunny Inflatables, Exclusive Prints, Limited Edition Joe Ledbetter vinyl collectibles, Joe Ledbetter T-Shirts...wha??  Phewww!  That's a lot of stuff we're hauling across the country, but never fear - we have strong arms and a will to party - with our NYC friends!  How about that!

Let me tell you about Yoyamart - Yoyamart is owned by some of the most graceful, fashionable, exquisite and elegant proprietors West of Paris, France!  Not kidding - these guys are next level.  That's why we are proud to be affiliated with this brilliant, fashionable and tasty boutique!  We're bringing in the heavy artillery - Joe Ledbetter and a whole Joe-a-pallooza of awesome creations!   Joe will be on hand signing, greeting, chatting it up and hanging with his loyal patrons!  So, come on in and meet the man behind the creations!  T-Shirts, Burger Bunny Inflatables and Prints will all be limited so definitely jump in and grab them while you can!  Joe created an exclusive Edition of 50 print just for the party!  Saweeeeet!

See you there!  


NEW YORK, NY 10014
TEL: 212-242-5511


Friday, June 15, 2012


The Loyal Subjects is unique, in that we decide to work on projects (develop, produce and distribute) which come from single points of truth.  Be it excitement, outlandish, brilliant, feverish, elegant, powerful and sometimes didactic.  It's not as though other companies don't do that as well and that we are unique, standing on an island, but we're unique as personalities are unique.  The Loyal Subjects is not only a brand, it's a personality.  A heart pumping, evolving and curious being.  We are unique to our own finger print and part of that finger print is embracing our inherent truth - Doing what we like and what coincides with our values and principles.  With the intent of translating our passion, identity and message to the audience and hoping that they are as turned on as we are.

Gary Baseman's creative ingenuity aligns with our sensibilities.  Rich in character, injected with philosophy and aromatic with discovery.  The Kostopol Warrior is a perfect example.

Kostopol - A town in what was Poland, now the Ukraine.  During the Nazi occupation in WWII, Kostopol was ravaged and the good citizens perished in unthinkable circumstance(s).  Very few people survived and those that did were able to proudly carry forward their heritage and set permanent reminders to new generations; warning them of the evils of men and the heroic acts of virtue.  Gary Baseman's mother was a survivor from Kostopol, thus the Kostopol Warrior - celebrating those who proudly pushed back against tyranny and stood strong with righteous intent.  The Kostopol Warrior represents these virtues and strengths, even in the frozen coat of winter.  Truly, an allegoric hero, as well as a brilliant creation by Gary Baseman.

An edition of 250 and available at

Monday, June 4, 2012


A few months back, we (The Loyal Subjects) released a mind melting 34" x 24" print with extreme render(er), Laurie Lipton.  The print is called "Love Bite".  It's insane.  "Love Bite" is printed on an archival cotton rag paper and is an edition of 213.  We have a couple left.  You should buy one.  Laurie is going to be extremely famous.  The prints are rare.  Everything is pointing to you collecting one.  Stop oscillating over Facebook stock.  

Do what's right.  I did.  



The Loyal Subjects would like to personally thank Kidrobot and their superstar team of experts  for their efforts, support and diligence. 

Extra extra thanks and bountiful swells of gratitude also go out to Joe Ledbetter for creating/concocting this awesome, monstrous, masterpiece.

Pleasantries aside, the Friday night event at Kidrobot was awesome.  The Loyal faithfuls certainly were served up with heaping helpings of veggie delight, all in the form of a mutant Veggie Burger Bunny.  Imagine seeing one of these bouncing around on your front lawn.  Furreal!  That's frightening and surreal combined.  It's not a word so don't look it up.  Perhaps we'll get a mention in Urban Dictionary for this "good ole college try".

Kidrobot LA had 12 on hand and then "poof"!  Much like the bunny in the magicians hat - Gone!  Don't sweat it though, more are available through Kidrobot June 7th so keep your eyes peeled to their retail stores and online.  Happy hunting!  

PS  Vinylpulse Jack was on hand to record the night's activities.  Always give VP a looksie for the "on the ground" activities involving TLS.