Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Loyal Subjects x Name That Tune AC/DC Edition

The Loyal Subjects x Name That Tune AC/DC Edition! The first person to email us with the name and album of all five AC/DC songs will win a Alex Pardee Walrus Rider from our archive! Email all entries to: - Good Luck!
Congratulations to Adam Darvish for correctly identifying all five AC/DC songs and albums! You are the winner of an Exclusive Alex Pardee Walrus Rider from our Archives! Here are Adam's winning answers:
1. Back in Black -  Back in Black
2. For Those about to Rock (we salute you) - For Those about to Rock (we salute you)
3. Highway to Hell -Highway to Hell
4. Hell's bells - Back in Black
5. You shook Me all night long - Back in Black
Stay tuned for the next edition of The Loyal Subjects x Name That Tune

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Analog Playset x Joe Ledbetter = Wrecks and Dazey!

Analog Playset and artist Joe Ledbetter are proud to announce the release of the terrific 2-figure set "Wrecks and Dazey". These figures are being distributed by The Loyal Subjects for Analog Playset and are 3D representations of the characters "Wrecks and Dazey" as is featured on the album, "My Dinosaur Life" from recording artists, Motion City Soundtrack. Wrecks is a lovable Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Dazey is his prehistoric over-sized Bee pal! It's really so fantastic the leap from 2D to 3D that all of Joe's figures make... it's almost meant to be, and these look so cool... perfect for all Ledbetter fans out there! Wrecks sits about 7" and Dazey is about 4" tall. Both figures have multiple points of articulation, are packaged in a three sided window box, and for this release the regular edition is limited to 600 pieces worldwide with a retail price of $99.00 for the set! The best part is... SURPRISE... these are dropping tomorrow, March 24th at 12:00pm PST at The Loyal Subjects web store HERE.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Toys Help Us

As you know well, the Tohoku region in Japan was hit by the disaster of truly unprecedented scale, and was officially designated as an area affected by “Heavy Disaster”, which enables areas and people stricken by typhoon, earthquake, etc., to receive special relief funds and measures.

Our good friends at Tomenosuke-syoten contacted their affiliated artists and manufacturers who sent them thoughtful messages, they started thinking of organizing a fund-raising sales promotion to make a donation, which can somehow support the sufferers.

Once thought up, best to act now than later. They have named the campaign “TOYS HELP US: the contribution to Tohoku the stricken area of the earthquake” and asked for overseas artists and manufactures for their support. To their happy surprise, they started receiving many positive responses.

The following are the current individual and corporate participants in the campaign:
Adam Kennedy-Damiano (The Loyal Subjects), Ajee, Aya Kakeda, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Doktor A, Erick Scarecrow, Joe Ledbetter, Jonathan Cathey (The Loyal Subjects), kaNO, Kathie Olivas, Mark Landwehr, Michael Lau, Motomichi Nakamura, Patricio Oliver, Pierre Rouzier, Sket One, Steven Mylos (RAJE toys) and Yoskay Yamamoto.

All items are precious art works you usually cannot obtain, such as one-off and limited-edition toys and art prints which artists and makers prepared for this campaign free or with special discounts and many of which contain creators’ autographs.
They will deliver all profits to the afflicted areas via the Hida Takayama Volunteer Support Center.

As for the participating art works in the "TOYS HELP US," they will introduce them in this blog sequentially while planning to open a special catalog web-page for them. Please wait for our follow-ups.
They would like to ask for your kind support from the bottom of our hearts.

Inquiries regarding the "TOYS HELP US" program to:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pico & Wilshire LA Brea Edition by Joe Ledbetter

We are gearing up to release the Pico & Wilshire La Brea Edition 2-figure set by Joe Ledbetter.  With a stylish nod to history, this edition links the ongoing struggle between Pico (6”), the Sabretooth Cat, and Wilshire (12”), the Wooly Mammoth,  to the La Brea Tar Pits, the final resting place of countless prehistoric creatures.  Wilshire has more than the neon green Pico to worry about as he’s knee deep in sticky tar.  The large two-figure set (14” combined), delivers JLed’s signature aesthetic with sculpts that deliver an oh-so-tempting 2.5D look.  With the tight deco and unexpected details (articulated trunk), this one is a highlight piece for Joe Ledbetter collectors.
Limited to 99 pieces, the third Pico and Wilshire Edition drops on Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ Noon PST via for $175/set.