Monday, July 23, 2012

The event recaps always take a second to recollect and document.  Trust us, it isn't a procrastination vice.  It seems that way since we're always a week or two post event before we're able to collect our thoughts and the pictures we want to share.

The Loyal Subjects had the opportunity a little more than a week ago to co-host a signing with the very generous brand, Bait.   We are certainly grateful for Bait's hospitality and the amazing job the Bait crew did organizing Gary Baseman's first Buckingham Warrior signing (the Kostopol Warrior).  I would personally like to thank Kevin Cao for bringing this together.

The Buckingham Warrior is a deeply personal project for Gary Baseman, and, we at The Loyal Subjects back his passion 100%.  The signing was fantastic.  There were fans from around the world and everyone who participated was satisfied - expectation met!  Below is an interview Gary gave to CNN reporter Chris Marrow.   Gary gives an intimate view inside a deeply personal experience. 

The Kostopol Warrior is $120.00 and available at (only 250 made).


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hello hungry, happy, hurried Comic Con folk!  It's that time of year again.  Get to looting the bountiful booty that comes funneling into the hallowed halls of the San Diego Convention Center - ripe with desire and intent to make some fans, followers and counter culture goers bonkers for these delicious offerings!

We know that you have your weekend mapped out.  We know that you have your cash counted for - more thorough than Wall Street Mavericks or Downtown Dans.  In this one prolific week(end), stimulus is afoot.  And, we thank you!  So we're giving you, the fans, something equally and boastfully rewarding.  What's that?  That's right!  Gary f'in Baseman!  We say it emphatically like that, with zeal, purpose and intent because Gary doesn't make it to San Diego all the time.  This is a once in three year cycle.  So, for one of our industries most influential and creative guiding lights to come available, I think we should all jump in line and wait to purchase, poach, or bask in some Baseman magic.

Gary will be signing the Kostopol Warrior - the 2nd Edition in the Buckingham Warrior Series.  This is Baseman's first public appearance with the BW.  This is a big deal.  If you've read up on the genesis of the Buckingham Warrior, it's laced with endemic Baseman DNA and is a representation of his past, present and future.  A reminder to those that in the face of tyranny, Virtue will stand, fight and eventually win.  Beside the historical relevance, The Kostopol Warrior is beautiful!  Dry brush deco, as if Gary painted these himself, adorns the figure.  The figure itself is 12" tall to the antler tips.  The box is a puzzle.  If you buy two, you can complete the Gary Baseman Buckingham Warrior painting that dresses the outside box.  Only $120.00 and an edition of 250.  Stop by the BAIT Booth, #4429, this Friday July 13th at 2p to grab this special collectible.  

See you there!


Wow.  Time flies.  I swear it was June 28th two days ago.  It came and went.  So did my birthday.  Stop the train for a second so we can catch our breath...Please.  Ugg.

June 28th - A magnificent, irruguous New York summer day (and night).   Heavy on the heat, heavy on the perspiration.  We were fortunate to escape to the loose partying, stimulate atmosphere of the ever so cool, hip and chic grasps of the Meat Packing District's Yoyamart.  Libations o' many.  Prosecco flowed like infinite vases dripping from processions dedicated to the bacchanal.  Guys, girls, kids, parents, hipsters, fans, Frenchmen, Irishmen, Jamaicans, Philippinas, Englishmen and the like kicked up their heels, batted down a few menacing 5 foot tall inflatable Burger Bunnies and let loose in celebration.  The occasion?  Why, Joe Ledbetter of course!  Making a rare New York appearance.

It was a party.  A signing.  A good time.  Had by all.  Dig?!

Beyond booze, laughter, music and friends, Yoyamart displayed a fanciful cornucopia of very in demand Joe Ledbetter merchandise.  Namely, the Burger Bunny inflatable (sand weighted base and 7 lbs!), a selection of limited edition Joe Ledbetter shirts (available at Yoyamart - go get em!) - including Fire-Cat-Zilla, Ringo Bear, Batman and Burger Bunny tees for kids, men and women!   Other limited edition TLS x Joe Ledbetter product was made available.  Rumor has it, Yoyamart has an exclusive edition of 50 print.  Wha?  Woot!  We even saw a single sighting of the original Secret Fresh Exclusive Burger Bunny from TLS!  It went faster than those dodging the magnificently fantastic surging heat waves.  Yoyamart has a rich selection of Joe Ledbetter and TLS products.  You should stop in.  Word on the street is, Yoyamart is a celebrity hotspot for a few well known silver screen shoppers and day trippers.  Maybe you'll run into someone you know?

A sincere HUGE thank you to the wonderful owners of Yoyamart and their generous and patient staff.  We love you!