Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Spring is upon us.  I love Spring.  It's a prelude to Summer.  Summer is my favorite season.  I couldn't imagine a world without summer - the renewal of life, the radiant sunshine, pool parties, surf trips, beach days, long days, warm nights...  What fun.  What memories.

I think we (TLS) subconsciously make seasonal product.  I do.  It might not be deliberate but it sure seems that way.  Case in point - the Joe Ledbetter Water bottle - in time for Coachella, Spring, the renewal of activities, Beach days and your general all around hydration needs.  It's perfect!  And it's so cool.  Only $20.00 on www.theloyalsubjects.com and ready to ship now.  It's reusable, washable, aluminum - with a really cool screen printed graphic.  I want 10 for myself, unfortunately, I started a business to sell my wares, not hoard them.  Thus, I offer it with great humility and concern for your hydration needs, and, with an equally great conscious for your eco conservationist sensibilities.  Boom!

Next - Gary Baseman's wildly famous alter ego, TOBY.  We turned him into a very cool Jeff Koonsian like inflatable.  And he's huge.  T H I R T Y S I X I N C H E S T A L L.  I've been told that's big.  It is.  Be the coolest at the pool - what better pool condiment than a very cool, famous art object that floats?  And, it's 20% off from now to the end of Coachella on www.theloyalsubjects.com.  Bad A$$.  

Let's all heed great concern for each other's cool points and health.  Get on the bus, we have some good gets on the way to your destination!

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