Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Do you like signed things?  I do.  How about from a famous artist who has three Emmys in their possession   Well, that sounds interesting.  How about if this artist is Gary Baseman and things bearing his signature historically go up in value?  I think that's a yes.  Also, his paintings sell anywhere between $7.5k - $35k.  I think that's a double yes.

The Loyal Subjects loves to give the gifts that keep on giving.  In this case;  Gary Baseman's Kostopol Warrior.  Signed!  Some with original art/doodles!  This is huge.  This is worth buying.  This is taking a piece of pop art home with you permanently.  What a deal!  So I bet you're asking yourself, "well, how do I get this?"  Easy.  Buy a Kostopol Warrior on www.theloyalsubjects.com and you'll probably be lucky enough to be one of the few people who gets an actual signed Kostopol Warrior.  I wish I had one =.(

Even though I own the company, I'm sure I'll have to wait just like everyone else to see if I can score a signed Gary Baseman piece.  Please FATES, look upon my meek existence mercifully and bless me with good fortune!  I think I'm trying to apply the "Secret".  I just asked the Universe for one.

How about you?  Will you ask the Universe for one?  If you do, the Universe will say in a large omnipresent voice "GO TO www.theloyalsubjects.com AND PURCHASE A KOSTOPOL WARRIOR.  GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO SUCCEED AND YOU'LL MAKE NEW FRIENDS."  I love that omnipresent voice.  It's so powerful.

Good luck!

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